Monday, October 28, 2013

Promote your Website with SEO

If you are a business owner, you will have heard time and time again that a company website is one of the most important things in the world to a modern business.

Whilst it is true that more and more people are turning to the internet to find their information, do their shopping or gain inspiration, your website will only be effective if people are able to find it, and find it quickly.

If you want your website to be seen by your target audience, you will need to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that you always come out on top. Whenever anyone searches for a keyword or phrase in a search engine, such as Google, the search engine will always return its results in a specific order.

The chances are that the searcher will choose to click on one of the top 5 links, if not the very first link. If you want your company website to receive the attention it deserves, then you need to ensure that it makes it to the first page of the search engine results, and then climbs all the way to the top. In order to do this, you will need to procure the services of a search engine optimization expert, such as Shawn Nejad, who runs an SEO company out of Orange County, California.

He has years of experience in helping companies to optimize their websites and build their profiles across the internet. Search engine optimization requires various tricks of the trade, which are all used in conjunction with one another, to give a website the boost that it needs to climb to the top of the ladder and stay there. Search engines all use special algorithms to help them to rank search results, so that they can be displayed in a relevant way to their users.
Without a ranking system, people would be forced to trudge through thousands of seemingly irrelevant links, in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

A ranking helps to ensure that the most relevant websites are returned first, every single time. If your website is relevant, you need to make sure it comes out top.
SEO experts understand exactly how search engine algorithms works, and they know how to get your website to do well in the final rankings. 

Techniques include altering the contents of some of your pages to ensure that they include the keywords and phrases that people would associate with your products; and creating back links around the wider web to help your site appear to be more popular to the search engines. Once your website tops the search engine rankings, you will be amazed by how much more traffic your website will receive.

The extra attention you receive can really help to drive up the revenue of your business, so you will quickly earn back the initial costs of the optimization, and then continue to generate even more profits, as you sit back and let your website speak for itself.

How to Find a Bad Web Design?

If you are not extremely good with computer applications then you may be wondering if you can create your own web design or not. If you are not super computer savvy then you may not know what makes a good web design good, and what makes a bad web design bad.

The basics to web design tell us the following things:

  • A good design is easy for the person that comes to it to find what they were looking to find when they arrived. Simple pages are more useful than complicated ones. 
  • A bad design will be filled with hard to access drop down menus that must be navigated before you can go on to the page you would like. Poorly designed pages have drop down menus that are not always apparent to the visitor. 
  • A good page layout will be interesting and colorful. Once again, the good pages will be simple and easy to look at. 
  • A bad page will be very busy and confusing. If there is too much on a page then the person that is viewing it will have a difficult time focusing on the important aspects of the page. 
  • A good page will be colored so that it is easy for people to read the writing that is on them. 
  • A bad page will be strangely colored with font that is strangely colored so that people have a difficult time deciphering the written words. 
  • A pale yellow background with white writing will be almost impossible for people with vision problems, like the elderly, to focus on. 
  • A good page will have informative articles and easy to understand instructions. 
  • A bad page will assume that people know where to look for drop down menus and things of this nature. The bad web pages will have articles that are hard to read and even harder to understand. 
  • A good page with columns will be set up in a series of columns that can be divided by two, three and four. 
  • A bad page with columns will have an odd number of columns like eleven that cannot be divided by two, three or four. 
  • A good page will have a secure server for any person that have to use their financial information. 
  • A bad page will not have a secure server for the protection of the customer. 
  • A good website that sells multiple items will have shopping cart software that allows the visitor to make their selections, place them in the cart, and then continue shopping. 
  • A bad website will have no shopping cart software so the individual is forced to buy and pay for each item separately. 
  • A good web page will have a comment section so that you can leave suggestions and review the site. 
  • A bad website will not give you a way to create comments about how you liked the site. 
  • A good website includes a page with all of the necessary contact information if the shopper has questions. 
  • A bad website does not give the contact information to the shopper. 
  • A bad web design is one that is difficult to navigate and hard to understand. You can have a good web design and a poor choice of font colors can turn it into a bad page. You can get more information at website design firm Orange County and website development Orange County.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hunkering down during bad economic times

The New Year celebrations are over and 2009 has officially started. All the economic news indicates that the current global recession will continue during 2009. People have been losing their jobs, homes and incomes since mid-2007.

Many large and small businesses are also closing their doors or are reducing their operation and their workforce. During difficult economic times, business owners are looking to:

Reducing Costs and Increasing Revenue

The first step in cost reduction strategies for many small businesses is cutting their marketing and advertising budgets. As long as people who run the business have a well-defined business model that deals with economic fluctuations and have a clear understanding of their customer needs and their competitors’ activities, this strategy seems to make sense.
Many business owners are waiting for better economic news to restart spending for their marketing and advertising. How long the economic crises will last is a question that nobody can answer clearly.
So what should a business do?

1. Start Networking
2. Start Email Marketing
3. Issue Press Releases
4. Improve its Website
5. Survey its Customers
6. Improve Website Articles

Start Networking – Join your industry association and be an active member of your new network. Networking is on one the best and strongest tools to build the bonding with your new clients and potential business partner or associate. There are many local meetings that you can join for free. You can start looking at
Start Email Marketing – Try to send emails to your old customers who have consented to receive emails. Talk about your promotions and industry news. You should also have a section on your website (if you have one) that allows visitors to insert their emails for newsletter request (opt-in). There are many companies that offer email marketing tools for a free trial (at least for one or two months), such as
Press Releases – Try to write press releases about your company, services and products. Press Release is media resources for many radios, televisions, and newspapers. You can publish your press release for free at
Improve Website – Look at your website and just answer this question:
Is your current website presenting your company’s business model?
If the answer is No, start writing about your business model and what you can do for your customers. Be clear about what you do and what you want to do. Try to answer the customers’ questions. If you do have difficulty in writing, hire a copywriter. If you are looking for free articles that match your business model, check out

Survey Your Customer - You will be amazed at how other people view your business after evaluating your first survey. Survey questions should be simple and easy to understand. The subject of the survey can be a series of questions and answers or multiple choice answers. Usually, the question is what customers think of your business. There are many companies that allow you to have a free survey for your service or products as long as you have your customers’ email address. You can start surveying for free using

Improve Website Articles - Writing articles about what you do know is a great way to gain recognition as an expert in your field or specific industry. There are many local or industrial magazines that are looking to have a practical article. Start writing about your field of expertise. You can also start a blog and allow others to join your blog to write and exchange information. You can have free blog at

According to Jan Wellborn-Nichols:
“Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers.”
Let’s hope for better economic news in 2009!